Coastal Hydropower is a private Canadian company that was founded to develop community based small hydro projects using low impact water turbine technologies. 

Coastal’s main focus is on the application of the Very Low Head (VLHTM) turbine that was developed by MJ2 Technologies S.A.R.L. (website: ) to alleviate the environmental impact associated with the construction of conventional hydro facilities. 

The high efficiency of the VLHTM turbine, fish friendly design and proven commercial success will allow Coastal to generate significant amounts of long-term green energy into the power grid.   


The VLHTM offers one of the best options for decentralized power generation, since turbines are scalable in size and may be added or removed from existing civil works to meet demand.  This technology will also utilize existing low-cost distribution lines, thereby eliminating the need for expensive and unsightly high-voltage transmission lines.

This technology represents a new segment of the hydro industry that has virtually unlimited potential and offers substantial benefits compared to other conventional and renewable energy sources.   Coastal has identified numerous projects across Canada and internationally to deploy the VLHTM turbine.

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